Hello there!

My name is Hugo Moura and I am a multi-disciplinary designer. This is how society defines my daily work. And yes, this is what I’m doing every day. But “designing” something isn’t only about what you can see. In terms of design, we speak about improving our lives in terms of how we use a specific product, creating emotions out of nothing and how we communicate with each other. All these things can be designed, and this is what makes it so exciting. I love to create, and I’m really thankful for having the opportunity to do this alongside some of the greatest people in this industry. And since I know about the power of visual language, I'm mainly focusing on art direction and visual design.

Since 2010 I've worked as an ACD/Design Director for Leo Burnett Frankfurt, where I currently reside for an indefinite period of time, working on campaigns for Samsung, Goodyear, Dunlop, McDonald's and various others.